Book 1 of the 3-part transformative series follows Allen through the devastating choices of a destructive youth. The irrevocable nature of his decisions sends his life on a downward spiral, yet shines a light on his search for a life of purpose and meaning.

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Evolution: Becoming a Criminal 

The true story of a rebellious teen whose decisions lead him from a life of privilege to become a criminal, and “commit one of the boldest heists in American History” - The Hollywood Reporter. 

Whether recounting his sobering flying experiences, the time he met the pope, his encounter with the “Weed Man,” or his “lead foot,” Father Jim teaches us lessons through powerful storytelling. As he takes us along on his journey from getting kicked out of seminary to hosting celebrities, such as Dolly Parton, Harry Connick Jr., Martin Short, Bill Cosby, and former first lady Laura Bush, at his small Kentucky parish, Father Jim shines a light into the corners of the human heart to expose our need for God and the love He alone can give us. You will laugh, cry, and be taken aback by his honesty. In all, Father Jim shows us what it means to love God, love others, and live life Among Friends.

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Among Friends:
Stories from 
the j0urney

Chas Allen writes as co-author of Father Jim Sichko’s book, Among Friends. The book is a compilation of short stories and insightful lessons experienced on Father Jim’s many travels as a clergyman and motivational speaker.